For this assignment, we worked in a group and picked a claim off of and have to prove if the claim is correct. My groups claim was called Judge in rape case asks why victim couldn’t keep knees together see US New & World Report. We started with fact checking if this Judge did say this or not. It took a few websites but I found on CNN the full trial transcript. (1). In this transcript it is clear that the Judge of the case Robin Camp did in fact say to the girl “Why couldn’t you keep your knees together?”. This claim was saying to see US News & World Report so I checked that source first. The date for this article was September 2016.

This trial took place in 2014 but most websites that come up when you search it are posted in 2017. The reason being that they had a retrial and Judge Camp was seen before a “disciplinary council” and they recommended that he step down from his position. Camp apologized for saying this but the damage was done. Reading through the transcript was very interesting and was a great source to use.

I have never done anything like this where you have to fact check a claim and dig around to find information but then check that that information is a scholarly enough source to actually use. In my research I found that sometimes the first few pages of websites listed are not the newest. I went back to about 11 pages and I found sources that posted in 2015. (3,4) I think it was a very fun assignment and I learned a lot.