GIFs are all over social media and thanks to this assignment I got to learn the history behind them and also how to create them. I went to the Digital Knowledge Center (DKC) to learn a few ways to make GIFs. I created three different GIFs all using separate applications.

My first gif I made was using GIMP, you need to download GIMP to your computer but it is free and easy to do so. I found GIMP to be easy, mainly because my video I was using was already short so I didn’t need to cut it down. So I just uploaded it and it was turned into a GIF. This GIF below is the one I created. This is my friend’s pug eating dog ice cream.

The next GIF I made was through photoshop. I had a longer video for this so I used StreamClip to shorten the video to pick where I wanted it to begin and end. I then used photoshop and made it in a loop to be a GIF. I also wanted the video to go backward too-why not! So I copied the frames that were going forward and pasted them then reversed them. (This is my dog trying dog snow boots, she wasn’t a huge fan but it made a cute GIF!)

After my appointment at the DKC, I wanted to try out giphy, which is the easiest way to make GIFs. It took me less than 10 seconds and did not take any work on my part, besides uploading the video I wanted to use. I used a video of my friends pug again because I thought it was adorable. The only thing I did not like about giphy was you didn’t have much control over it.


Overall, my favorite application that I used would be photoshop, there were so many different things you could do to the GIF, like reversing it, changing the color, adding text, croping it, etc. Although photoshop costs money, which is not convenient for everyone, at UMW photoshop is on all the computers in the HCC so you can always do it there. The easiest way to make one would be giphy because you don’t need to download any software or pay for anything the only thing you need to do is upload a video! I found this assignment to be a lot of fun and I finally learned how to make a GIF after seeing them for years!

Thanks for reading!