I found the digital archive project to be unlike any project I have worked on before. We had to pick a technology from around the ’90s and take it apart and each group member had a piece from the inside of the technology and research that piece. I went to goodwill and searched through their technology section- you can find some awesome old pieces! I found a pink phone that I sent to my group members in our group chat and they all liked it so I bought it and we took it apart together in class. The phone is the Teleface RonSonic cord phone. Unfortunately, our phone did not have a whole lot to work with in searching for the project so we all did the best we could. I pick a microswitch level button from one of the circuit boards. Through multiple searches and websites many of which were in Russian I finally got a great website called Alibaba. This had almost all of the information needed for this project so without that website, I don’t know what I would have done! In using the website I was able to find out where the piece was assembled and what company name, however no exact location of where the factory could be found. The closeset I got was the city and country (Guangzhou, China). Overall I found this project to be challenging in a good way and taught me that some information takes a long time to dig for but is worth it in the end! My group worked very well together and we shared what each of us learned along the way and bonded in the struggle to find information but supported each other and gave tips!