After finishing this networks methodology, I was really happy with the process and the outcome. I did my map work on Kumu. Kumu was a great resource to use. It had directions that explained how to use all of the different parts of the mapping system. Starting on Kumu I had to pick a topic. I had heard about the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, this is something that says you can pick any actor and they have starred in a movie with Kevin Bacon. I did not want to map that out because there is a website that is similar to it already, so it got me thinking of how Kevin Bacon has been in over 70 films so I wanted to map out all of the movies that he has acted in and show what genre they are in and how they are connected to each other. I used IMDb to check on all of the films he has been in. Also, I enjoyed creating an HTML code for a website showing my project and how I could style my website. It was fun to spend a few classes learning how to code and make websites look certain ways. This module was a little different than ones I have done in the past (learning how to make a GIF, and analyze selfies) this module was more creative in that it was a broad topic and I was able to pick how I wanted to approach it. Overall I am happy with how my Kumu turned out!