I originally decided to do one of the set activities for this module, ¬†“Know Thy Selfie” but I was having a hard time with the activity and couldn’t analyze much to the selfies I take, so I thought it would be interesting to research the top googled selfies instead. I used two different websites for my main usage and a few others to back up the two main sites. What I found was not surprising in that the most googled selfies were celebrities, mainly the Kardashians among others as well. I found it to be almost sad that while there are some awesome selfies floating around the internet like a guy swimming with a shark, most of the population would rather see Kim K. getting her makeup done. While I love the Kardashians and other celebrities I find it fascinating that people find it more entertaining to see how celebrities are living than seeing other selfies that show some crazy things with them.

Overall I really enjoyed completing this module and seeing my other group members results because we all took different approaches to this module and brought up different points.