I couldn’t tell you when my first selfie was exactly but I would guess it was sometime around 2006 using my moms Nikon Camera looking something like this:

Image result for 2006 nikon year

Then I upgraded and got a hot pink camera sort of looking like this Nikon:

Image result for pink canon camera in 2005

I have hundreds of selfies still saved to my mom’s laptop taken using these cameras. They are all terrible quality, bad angles, and just downright bad.


Then I got the Razor cell phone in fourth grade and I LOVED this phone!! I took so many “selfies” on it, you know turned the phone around took the picture and hoped for the best. The quality was even worse than the cameras, probably because it was meant to be a cell phone and not known for its camera quality.

Image result for navy blue razor phone

Then facebook became popular when I was in the 6th grade, which meant SO MANY SELFIES. But again we still hadn’t started calling them that just yet. Some of them were just of me others had as many friends could fit in the picture with someone holding the camera.

Then fast forward to 2013 when Selfie is put into the dictionary being defined as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website” (Oxford). It was also the international word of the year 2013.

Now with having cameras on your phone so easily and snap chat and all other forms of social media I find myself taking dozens of selfies a day! Mainly because I snap chat my friends so often.

This first post was just to go into my personal history of selfies. For this module I hope to learn the different culture of selfies, has everyone been taking them for as long as me? I also think that it could be fun to compile some of my friends’ selfies from snap chat to compare them and see if they pose the same as each other and if they look similar. I am also interested in the captions people use with their selfies because I find a lot of the time the captions don’t have much to do with the photo.

See picture below for an example:

Here is a selfie I took and posted on facebook in 2011 with the caption, “I don’t want summer to end” Not sure why I picked this caption beside┬áthe obvious that I didn’t want summer to end and I was sitting outside!